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Posted by don on Aug 10, 2006

Absolutely, Alan. Research on the net reads that the "balance" of the sail craft, whatever it might be, is determined by the relationship of Center of Effort (On the sail, and to a lesser extent, anything acted upon by the wind (hull, people) to Center of Lateral Resistance (leeboard/centerboard, as well as, to a lesser extent, hull and rudder (anything in the water).

Some may argue that the influence of some of this stuff is negligible but I think it can be argued that in craft this size, minor things can have an influence, for instance, in canoe sailing, it is discussed that you balance your rig by shifting your weight - stretching out a leg forward or shifting your weight back.

My boat is an open cockpit so I will have the ability to make these subtle changes, once the leeboard and sail are matched up.

I may yet be delaying my field experience as my leeboard is not quite ready for my trip.

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