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Posted by John Beck on Aug 8, 2006

Andy, I've used water based stain on my boat after construction as part of the finishing process, almost as an after thought. If you were at the last Okoumefest you may have seen it; the green stain/natural finish deck with green painted sides and bottom that won the prize for best paint job. The only caveat here is to be neat while working with epoxy to avoid drips that won't take up the stain. No offense to David, but staining and epoxy coating prior to cutting sounds like a lot extra trouble. If your panels will be separated from one another with an epoxy seam then that will act as a barrier to prevent the stain from bleeding. Since I just drew a curvy line across the deck and did not have this barrier I got a fuzzy line that I covered with a paint pin strip which, I think, adds another dimension, but makes for more problematic refinishing with the paint strip having to be masked while revarnishing the rest of the deck.

Let your creativity be your guide; there are ways to work around any technical barriers if think about it hard enough. Good luck.


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