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Posted by Laszlo on Aug 8, 2006


In addition to the issues raised by David, there's also the fact that the stain must be compatible with epoxy - no oil-based stains.

There are ways to handle all the issues, BTW. I've seen posted photos showing builders touching up the scratches with q-tips dipped in stain.

If you precoat and do any bending within a day after the epoxy stops being tacky, you shouldn't have any problems with excessive stiffness since it takes days to weeks (depending upon temperature) for epoxy to fully cure.

The bond strength is a theoretical issue, only. It comes from the idea that a wet-on-wet epoxy bond forms through the chemical cross-linking of the resin and hardener, while any other epoxy bond is "only" mechanical. While this is true, in a good mechanical bond the wood will fail before the bond does so it doesn't really make any difference. You don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than 1 camper.

Use the search feature and you'll find lots of discussion of staining wood.

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