Re: mid trip damage fixes

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 6, 2006

Hi Mischa,

Let's see... There are a number of conditions, (severity/location of the damage; amount of time available for adhesive(s) to kick; wind/water conditions; etc.) that would dictate the final "fix".

In the worst case scenario, (punching a real hole in the boat), I'd use 5200 to seal the gap with plastic, then duct tape it, then put on another 5200/plastic/duct tape laminate, and the repeat the lamination process several times... I'd let the whole thing dry as long as possible, and then (accompanied by a buddy), I'd hobble home hugging the shoreline.

If you kayak in a location that's particularly rocky or contains submerged dangers like downed trees, practice this stuff on scrap, and make sure you've got a system you can use.

A few years ago, a squall almost drowned both my dad and my brother...

Water has a funny way of moving us from the top of the food chain to the bottom in just the crest of a wave...

Play it safe...

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