Re: sailrig progress

Posted by KirkErvin on Aug 4, 2006

That is going to be great when finished.

To get you into sailing more, I took the Mill Creek tandem sailing on the Severn yesterday, and there were wind speeds predicted from 8 to 9 knots.

I used my Klepper main and jib sail and went to work. In some of the places the wind is funneled in the narrows and it makes for a tight tack. I reefed the main and was able to play around in it.

I took the GPS and uploaded my tracks into the computer. My fastest sustained times were for a 0.5 mile stretch in 6 minutes and 10 seconds for an average land speed of 5 mph, maxing out for a few of the legs at 6 mph. What does that correspond to in knots?

With the outriggers, you should be able to do 1/3 better.


In Response to: sailrig progress by don foote on Aug 3, 2006