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Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 4, 2006


Well, Lazlo is right... I queried on "magnetic hatch covers kayak" (without the quotes) and got a bunch of hits... And several were spot on. I guess it can be done, but I'd still be afraid to use them on a rough-water kayak.

Thankfully, all I hope to do is hold the paddle in place whilst the MC is in still, shallow water while the wife checks out the birds... In many cases, if the paddle gets loose, she should be able to simply get out of the kayak and wade over to retrieve the thing!

And as has been correctly pointed out, there is NO WAY to use them safely around a compass.

As for the magnets shattering, Lazlo is right about that too. I've already given my wife the lecture on sliding the paddle into place over the magnets vs. "plopping" it down directly. That should avoid the problem of shattering. I've done that hundreds of times at work, and never broken one.

I'm going to go for it! Two on each side of the kayak... I'll keep you posted...

Hmmm... Now, what magnet shape do I want?

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