Re: Magnets - Hatch Cover

Posted by Alan Speakman on Aug 4, 2006

Hi Andrew,

I think these magnets have potential for still-water craft in non-critical roles, but I wouldn't trust them for anything else... If a hatch comes loose in a swell, a serious amount of flotation gets lost fast.

On the other hand, if a paddle or set of oars goes bye-bye in flat, still water... You're going to be ok... I should know... As kids, we used to "eject" the oars and then have races to see who could "hand paddle" to retrieve the oars in the fastest amount of time. It was stupid, slow, and funny, but it was safe.

When it comes to hatches and other structural elements, I'll over build every time.

I think straps are the only way to go for hatches.

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