Re: "Overcoating"

Posted by David Warren on Jul 31, 2006

Hi John - sorry about the delay in response. Yes, it's true for both paint and varnish (although paindt does tend to be easier to apply a decent finish than varnish.

I know what you mean about getting to do coats within the overcoat period. Whenever possible, I try to plan ahead a series of two-hour opportunities when I can do it, and then stick to it even if it means not responding to phones, screaming children or come-hither stares!

So, I'll eg prepare everything so that I can get home form work on friday and immediately do the first coat, wake up the next morning and do another, rake leaves or dig the garden during hte day, another coat in the afternoon, repeat on Sunday, and that's five coats done. Another advantage of that method is you can wrap the brushes etc in saran wrap (with a couple of drops of thinners) and avoid annoying multiple washing...

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