Weather Cocking Thoughts

Posted by Mac on Jul 29, 2006

Hi, Just passing through between sessions at the computerless lake, so I thought I'd throw this out for any kind consideration while I'm able and I'll catch up on the thread when I get a chance. I now have two hard chined and one multi chined kayaks. I've noticed considerably less weather cocking with the multi chine, and also that the waves seem to have more of an impact than the wind. Could this be due to the chine shape? I remember LeeG having some thoughts about this a while back, and I'd really appreciate his opinions along with those of other big water paddlers. As I'm attached to the two slab siders for all other handling characteristics/stability etc., is there anything I should know to help combat weather cocking (without resorting to rudders or skegs - my paddling is most often in weedy and shallow waters)? Oh, side note - I'm totally adicted to Greenland Paddles now. When I pick up my beautiful Bending Branches Evening paddle it feels like a very heavy shovel. I don't know how I'll feel when the cold weather returns, but I'll sure be looking for warm 100% waterproof gloves!

Stay safe everyone, and all the best....