Re: Shearwater Hybrid Hat

Posted by James Eager on Jul 28, 2006

I completed the shearwater hybrid a few months back... the only thing I wold add to what Lazlo says is take great care in geting the size of the opening right. I followed the kit instructions to the letter and for some reason the size of the opening came out a little smaller than I think it should. The result is that an insufficient amount of hatch sill is left overhanging or underhanging the opening to provide for a good seal. The other problem was that provided hatch stiffener for the stern hatch caused the hatch cover to flatten out (lose camber) just a little. The result again is that the seal between the cover and sill/rim is not so good. The hatches look real nice but are a long ways from water tight (have been practicing rolls a lot). I improved the front hatch by adding to the width of the sill... made a big improvement. I will do similar operation with the aft hatch... but probaly not untill like December. I am having too much fun paddling the the darn thing at this point. It is a great boat, enjoy!

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