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Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 25, 2006

Hi Susan,

I read your post (as well as the Desktop Engineering article, and I THINK understand completely what you're doing).

If I read you right... You take a prototype (plug) designed by hand, CAD, (or a crystal ball for that matter), and then let the hands-on experts tweak it... When that is done, you then 3D scan the final product and CAD/CAM it. A 3D scan is umpteen times faster than redrafting the now-new perfect plug from scratch! Brilliant! Simply brilliant... And that design approach should work for anything from kayaks to lampshades...

As for the price, $20k - $40k isn't great, but it's doable for most small to medium-sized businesses...

One thought... It would be great if you put together a PowerPoint presentation (including video) of the role your system would play in the development process for the typical kayak/canoe/boat manufacturer... (The plug really doesn't matter.) I think Watermark is on to something here.

Accepting resumes?

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