Re: stitching

Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 25, 2006

Hi Phil,

Some thoughts... Firstly, put down the epoxy and step away from the craft! (Seriously, don't rush. As every person who has responded to this post has mentioned, little issues now become big issues later. Take your time and get the basic design right.) In general you probably have all the parts cut properly, so that shouldn't be an issue... Beyond that, when you wire the creature up and she's bent, short, doesn't quite fit right, or is out of alignment, stop. Find out what the real problem is. Get the craft level and plumb to the plans (using an architech's rule), and then go out and find out what the problem is. You can use hundreds of measurements "bow to stern", "athwartship", "gunwale to bilge" to find the problem. Finally, trust your eyes... Step back ten feet and LOOK... Have a friend LOOK... Uniform, identical sticks (winding sticks), let the human eye see as little as 1/1000 of an inch variance...

Take your time and get the basic shape right... That will save you a ton of heartache later.


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