Re: stitching

Posted by George K on Jul 25, 2006


I have to disagree with Laszlo on the panels not matching. I've built 2 CH's, a WR and 2 San O 14 paddleboards and the panels have hit dead on once out of five boats. There's a lot of factors that can cause the panels not to match at the stern (if you started stitching at the bow) and none of those are worth going into since you already have the mismatch. There is no problem with it. As long as the boat is fair and the winding step is good (no twist) go ahead and glue it up. When the fillets are dry take a rasp or small low angle block plane and take off the offending wood. This is much easier than loosening all the wires, shifting panels and re-wiring and is an accepted method of dealing with the problem.

Happy building.

George K

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