How to post photos!

Posted by Alan Speakman on Jul 23, 2006


Over the last few months I've been watching this forum, and I've noticed that a problem occurs with some frequency: How to post photos within the forum itself... Maybe this will help...

In order to post picture(s)...

1.) Take some digital pictures! (We prefer using the ".JPG" file format.)

2.) Upload the appropriate picture to a photo- hosting service such as "Photobucket"; "Flickr"; "KodakGallery"; etc. Copy the URL of the single photo you want to post from the photo host and paste it into the CLC Forum "Optional Image URL" field. Be sure to include the HTML image tags in the "Optional Image URL" field... That is to say, the field should look something like: [ img][/img ]. (Don't paste into the "Link" field... That is used for taking the viewer to another site.)

3.) Should you have multiple pictures, your photo hosting service will probably offer a "gallery", or "album" option and you can use that in conjunction with the CLC "Optional Link URL" choice to link forum readers to your online album where they can view your series of pictures.

Ok... With a little luck, the instructions above should help you embed a picture (or link to a series of pictures) in your post!

Alan and Mrs. Alan