Re: Kayak Seat

Posted by John Beck on Jul 20, 2006

Tim, Just like bicycle seats, kayak seats are definately a personal thing. Anyway, I was very comfortable with the stock seat in my Chesapeake 16 until it started getting hard. I replaced it with a Happy Bottom this year and I'm not thrilled with it. It's too hard for one thing and was designed to be placed on a flat surface, which a kayak bottom ain't. I put in a 6 mm plywood floor for a flat surface, but that raised the center of gravity too high so I took it out and now have it glued to vee bottom. This lowered the ridge in the center (which didn't work too good with my boney, skinny butt). I bought a YakPad gel cushion for longer paddles. I've got a Shearwater 17 hybrid in the works and after seeing Kurt Maurer's carved seat at Okoumefest I bought the 24x24x3 minicell foam to carve my next seat.


In Response to: Kayak Seat by Tim on Jul 18, 2006