velcro in water

Posted by LeeG on Jul 19, 2006

The CC seat is a plug and play option,,,but these are kit boats,,folks should be going all the way for such an important thing as the seat. I've bought and used two CC in different boats over a couple years time. With a thermarest seat pad inserted under the mesh it's EXTREMELY cozy and takes no time to assemble. The CC seat has some shortcomings that make it less than optimal for sea kayaks in non-flatwater settings compared to carving ones own seat that can be locked into position. Especially wet exits in surf conditions as a few hundred pounds of water surging through a cockpit will rip the seat right off it's velcro strips. The problem I've had with peal and stick velcro is that it will eventually pull away from the epoxy over time. It can stay put at first but it'll be a maintenance item with any kind of regular capsize/re-entry/removal. Kind of like riding a bicycle with a loose seat bolt it gets worse if not corrected immediately. A loose kayak seat is a danger in any real rescue situation. When it is secured the mesh rotates over the minicell bringing the bottom of the seat back about an inch over the seat depression. It's a natural result of how the back is secured to the mesh where leaning back pushed the bottom of the seat back/mesh over the 2" thick minicell. One of the reasons for pinched sciatic nerve is lack of support immediately around the sit bones,,being forced to sit forward of the curve at the back of the seat removes significant support. If you look at any production kayak with a back band and molded seat the back band rests a little behind or above the curve at the back of the seat, not over it. Which is why I eventually put the thermarest sport seat in there. The other thing is that the seat is a flat piece of 2" minicell. With a carved 3" minicell seat you can get a lot more support to lift pressure off the sit bones. CLC sells minicell so cheap it's a no brainer, buy two 2'x2'x3" blocks and make two carved seats with lots of extra minicell for hip/thigh braces for the price of one CC seat.

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