Re: Welcome to HELL, TEXA

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 18, 2006

Funny you should bring this up just now. We had a norther blow in here, had temps dipping into the low 120's. Liked to reset my biorythyms...

What's UP with this?! Kayakers are complaining about heat?? Tell y' what, here's a direct copy-n-paste from an email I wrote not an hour ago to a friend up near Bastrop:

"The Inuit tribes of the native peoples up around Greenland developed the roll as a survival maneuver, whereas they absolutely had to resurface as quickly as possible after a capize in order to avoid freezing to death in the frigid waters up that way. We Texans have adopted the techniques they developed to use for the same reasons, only reversed. It is also a survival maneuver down here, whereas we must dive into the water in order to avoid broiling our brains in the hot sun.

When you get your roll down, and the sooner the better, then the meaning of "the heat of the day" will spin around 180 degrees on you. You'll load up and head for the lake at one o' clock in the afternoon. To cool off. You'll begin to look at your kayak in a whole new way, for it will become more than just a boat -- it will be your very own, really large, socially acceptable (well, all things are relative) pool toy."

Cheers, Kurt

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