Re: How much Penetrol?

Posted by Jim L on Jul 18, 2006

Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I'm not surprised that there is no real concensus on this. From all I have read, the use of any additive with varnish is useful only when it "pulls" or "sets" too fast. A variety of products are recommended for this purpose; Flood Penetrol, Epifanes Easy Flow, Interlux Brushing Liquid, Petit Brush Flow Thinner, etc., and my guess is that they are all similar. The temperature is clearly a big player in the use of such products, as several of you noted. I am fortunate in this regard in that my shop is air conditioned. I will set the temp at the mid 70s and experiment with the hatch covers first. On my first boat (CH17), I definately experienced the "pulling" phenomenon, and that is what led me to get some Penetrol (I learned about it here on the forum). I also happen to have some Interlux Brushing Liquid, so maybe I will experiment with it also. If I come up with anything significant I'll pass it on. Thanks again. Jim

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