Re: How much Penetrol?

Posted by J. Schott on Jul 17, 2006

Here is my recipe for varnish. I add 1-1.5 oz of the appropriate thinner and 2 oz of penetrol to a fresh quart of Petit Flagship or Captians varnish. I have come to like the finish of the Flagship better. I always use brushing thinner to thin the varnish because it evaporates slower than the thinner used for spraying. I apply it with foam mini rollers from the local big box home store and tip it with a badger brush. This allows me to get the varnish down quickly to maintain the "wet edge". Laszlo is 100% correct about the temp. With it hitting 100 here in Va, it will not matter how fast you can get it down. It's going to set up before it gets a chance to level it out. Early morning or late evening will be the best times to lay a coat down. As far as penetrol and varnish durability goes, I have had no problem with it. I've got three boats, the finish on two of them are three years old and show no sign of needing any attention whatsoever. Probably will make it another three years at this rate. Building my fourth now and will use it on this one too.-Joey

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