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Posted by Laszlo on Jul 17, 2006


Sounds like you bought the pre-cut kit, right? If so, those nibs are where the CNC cutter stopped cutting so pieces of wood wouldn't go flying across the room. It's especially obvious on the hatch formers which are still attached to the panel they're cut from. You should definitely remove the nibs from all pieces, not just the sides and bottom.

It's easiest to do before starting the wiring process. You can clamp the pieces to their mirror image parts (left bottom to right bottom, left side to right side) and sand off the nibs and any other unevenness that may be there (not that there should be any on the pre-cut parts). This will make the left/right profiles identical.

The, while they're still clamped together, you can also drill the holes along the panels' sides. This will guarantee that the wires line up exactly on both sides, as well as keep you from having to try and drill holes in inaccessible locations.

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