Re: Weights: Fact or Fict

Posted by FrankP on Jul 14, 2006

True, the kit is the kit, but you can drastically alter the weight of the boat with some minor modifications and by not using all the epoxy supplied. What exactly is "peanut butter consistency" for example? To me it could be thin creamy peanut butter and to you it could be ultra chunky...both will work, but yours will likely weigh much less than mine. How wide does a fillet need to be? 1 inch or 2? At 18 feet times three fillets (foe the hull) that one inch is going to add up very quickly.

The good folks at CLC try to give realistic (though slightly optimistic, in my opinion) estimates on build times and weights, but they are just estimates because anything more would be unrealistic. Each person builds the boat to his or her own tolerance.

I built the Northbay, which I believe they listed at something like 45 pounds. Mine weighs on the order of 50 or so, despite removing a deck beam and not using any deck hardware. I did add some glass to the boat though, so as you can see there's always variation.


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