Re: minicell bulkheads

Posted by LeeG on Jul 14, 2006

get a stack of 3x5 cards and staple them together to follow the contour of the exterior where you want the bulkhead to be located. With a 1/2 form oriented from the middle of the deck to the keel you can use that to make the left/right sides of the bulkhead. Using a hole saw cut a 1/8" slot about 1" deep 1" in from the perimeter of the bulkhead on either side of the bulkhead. This will make the bulkhead conform more easily instead of attempting an exact shape and having sealant/adhesive fill gaps. Attempt a tight fit a few inches before the desired placement then put in the perimeter cut.

Over time silicon adhesive/sealant will pull away. Lexcel or 5200 is better. Make sure to roughen the epoxy before gluing. Masking tape forward of the bulkhead will mark the final position with a smear of adhesive on the hull. If the minicell has a smooth side you should roughen it so the adhesive sealant will stick.

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