Re: What did I do?

Posted by John Short on Jul 12, 2006

I would think some heat and elbow grease will get the coaming off with little damage to deck. If you get this far without damaging deck wood I would sand entire hull/deck down, maybe a coat or two of epoxy and maybe reglass the lip of cockpit area. If all goes well at that point you can make templates of the coaming. I would use 4mm okoume, make two templates a little oversize of the cockpit and the last one a little more oversize that the prior two to give skirt cord clearance. I would glass the coaming as well. Remember to use lots of clamps to get a good amount of pressure around all the coaming. You can do one layer at a time but its possible to do all three then you are done other than glassing and final varnish. Your project should not be that difficult and will be well worth it in the end! Good luck.

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