Re: Weights: Fact or Fict

Posted by Robert on Jul 11, 2006

The Sassafras canoe, like the Chester Yawl I just completed is, has one area that can have quite a variation in epoxy use - in the lapstitch fillets. these are areas where you can put a shallow fillet or a large one. Having just built a Chester Yawl, I see where this location and also the centerline fills at each end (longer areas than kayak end pours) can result in alot of extra epoxy.

BTW - My boat, not including the three floors but with the added daggerboard trunk and mast supports for sailing weighed in at 95 lbs. CLC lists this boat at 100 lbs so I am quite pleased I am close. (This will change when I final sand and add all that paint and varnish.) My spars and sail add 25 lbs. This weight calculation was done to figure out how much I was asking my wife to lift over her head to load on top of the car (1/2 of 120 lbs).

Update - this little modified Chester Yawl is quite a spirited sailing craft - tacks at least 45 degrees into the wind. Just need to be real quick on the sheet when sailing into the wind in a stiff breeze so we do not scoop up too much water over the side.

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