What did I do?

Posted by jerry on Jul 11, 2006

Somehow, I offered to do some repairs on my brother's kayak. I have never built one (am going to one of these years) but am now in possesion of said kayak and realized I may be in over my head. My hope is that this community will help me out and I won't feel overwhelmed. So please excuse the "simple" questions I may be asking over the next few months.

So, to fill you in on a little backgound regarding the boat: 18' long, 24" wide s&g. Unkown builder, design may have been builder's own. It looks somewhat similar to a Chesapeake. Age may be 10 years.

The main issue I need to address is the cockpit coming. The plywood layers on the coaming rim are starting to delaminate. How should I begin this repair. I am assuming I could just start with a utility knife and cut around the cockpit and "pull" off that 1/4" rim. Do I need to use okoume ply for the replacement? The original did not have any fiberglass on it, should I put glass on the new one?

(what did I get myself into...)