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Posted by Dave on Jul 11, 2006

After deciding where I wanted them, I trimmed the bottom to match the hull at that point, tacked them in place with the real thick CA glue, then put filets around the hull and where I had them attached to a vertical member. As I couldn’t think of a good way to make a filet for the top of the scuppers I short sections of ¼” balsa triangle stock and using the thick CA again created a “sorta” filet, this then got a few coats of epoxy before I put the tankwell floor down. Now the really hard part, before putting the TW floor down, using a 12” log drill bit, I drilled a hole in the hull in the center of each scupper. This hole I then enlarged to the size of the scupper tube. After gluing the TW floors in place I used the same process to make the opening at the top.

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