Re: Weights: Fact or Fict

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 9, 2006

My wife's 16LT weighs 38 lbs, vs. 42 in the specs. For most of the last year it weighed 35 lbs, but in the last month I've added a rear hatch, filled the weave, added 3 layers of graphite/epoxy on the bottom and varnished it. Compared to the plans, it doesn't have a forward hatch, doesn't have nails and doesn't have endpours. An extra 5 lbs for all those things seems quite generous, so the specified weight seems very plausible.

It was the 4th boat, 3rd S&G, that I've built. It has the thinnest seams and the leanest epoxy use of all my boats so far. I weighed it by standing on the bathroom scale with and without the boat. That scale has always been within 1/2 lb of the one at my doctor's office.


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