Re: For the builder in yo

Posted by Dave on Jul 7, 2006


To make the scuppers, cut a piece of pvc pipe that is maybe twice as long as the longest scupper you want to make, the extra length helps when trying to hold onto while wrapping epoxy coated veneer. Wrap a couple layers of plastic wrap around the pipe to act as a mold release.

Cut a piece of veneer that is just a bit wider than the scupper you are making to give you some final trim area, coat both sides with a generous coat of epoxy, I also included a layer of 4 oz cloth but that is probably overkill to say the least. Wrap this as snuggly as you can around the pipe mold to eliminate air pockets and excess resin.

Last I wrap this sticky mess with the stretchy packing plastic wrap to hopefully get the veneer to twist together eliminating most if not all of the air gaps.

After the epoxy has cured, you can twist the pipe out from the newly formed scupper, some creative vocabulary is sometimes helpful at this stage.

I found doing only one at a time insured that the epoxy was as thin and runny as possible and that gloves were absolutely required. An extra pair of hands can make the wrapping of the veneer much easier also.

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