Re: planing the shearclam

Posted by Bill Lapcevic on Jul 1, 2006

Laszlo, Howard, Dave, Chuck, (in no particular order).

Thanks for the advice. It gave me the confidence to proceed. I struggled adjusting the planer for a bit, but figured it out eventually. Aside from two sliced up fingertips (from the wood, not the blade) now completely ensconsed in Work Gloves when I do this... I think the shears came out nicely.

For the most part, there is 85% surface to surface connection between the shear and the template throughout. I think i did a fair job of the transition from one to the other around the cockpit as well. It really is fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

I don't THINK that the milimeter gaps on the template will matter...likely it will fill with epoxy. Also, I noticed that my deck beams were about 1cm higher than the curve of the shear. I hope that won't matter much. It may only be 1mm...

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