Re: planing the shearclam

Posted by Bill on Jun 26, 2006


So it appears that the screws are not necessary. I suppose I should take them out now that the epoxy holding the deck beams to the shears is hardened. I'll try the vice grip trick. Thanks!

But...Each of the above posts says that I can take the screws out etc..."before applying the glass". This doesn't make sense to me as the directions CLC sent clearly indicate glassing the hull first. Or, are you referring to the glass that will go on the deck? I suppose that might hang down over the top of the hull to make a smooth transition and cover the screw holes.

I'll be painting the hull so I'm not THAT concerned about the holes. I'll take your advice and putty/woodflour epoxy them once the screws are out.

As for the radii of the templates...I guess I need to go back and review the plans again. I thought I was doing that pretty well yesterday and couldn't find anything...but it appears that everyone else seems to be able to find the info.

Sounds basically like I should start at the bow with the 19 inch radius template and go to the bulkhead and start at the stern with the 46inch radius and go to the bulkhead and then do a transition from one to the other in the middle where the cockpit is.

Now if i can figure out how my darned hand planer works... (can you tell I'm new to this woodworking project thing?)


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