Re: watertight hatches cl

Posted by Dave on Jun 26, 2006


I also have the Moby Latches on my WR-18, and after whacking my fingers about 2 dozen times I finally learned to keep them out of the way - Iím a slow learner sometimes.

The really big problem I have with them is that people come up and the first thing they want to do is pull the hatches off, as if there is a 700 foot high sign with flaming letters that says ďTAKE THE HATCHES OFFĒ. I even had the boat at a kayak demo day, and I had the only wooden boats among a gazillion plastic ones, many of them had hatches but my boat was the only one people would walk up to and take the hatches off.

Iíll be at the beach and people will walk up to the CH-14 I build with the standard CLC flush hatch tabs admire the boat for a while, then mosie over to the WR-18 and the very first thing they do is reach down and pull one of the hatches off. Iím about ready to put a 5 lb padlock on each hatch.

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