Re: planing the shearclam

Posted by Howard on Jun 26, 2006

1st on the screw, if it is not flush, it will give a slight bump on the hull after you glass it. if the screw is just slightly proud, the bump will sand out when you sand the hull after you glass it. just be sure to use a hard sanding block to take the bump down at that point in time.

on the sheer clamps. the tight (19 inch radius) template is used for the entire forward deck (forward of the cockpit). the larger radius is for the deck aft of the cockpit. the shorter deck beam just looks flatter but it should be worked to the 19 inc radius. as the foredeck will look like it flattens.

the slight difference in shape between the template and the deck beam is natural - ok.

in the cockpit area you will have to gradually transit from the 19 inch radius to the 46 inch radius.


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