Epoxy coating timing

Posted by Bill Lapcevic on Jun 20, 2006


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I am picking up building my kayak (CLC 17LT) where I left off 3 (yes three) years ago. I left off after putting the hull together and putting one or two coats of epoxy on it.

Last week I got back to sanding and finished sanding it down. It is almost all smooth (thank you 6 inch ROS) and only a few places where I went a "little" too far. Today I put another coat of epoxy on (System 3 slow hardening). It went on like a dream (much better than the last coat I remember doing). This makes either 2 or 3 coats on now (with sanding inbetween this coat and the last).

My plan is to add one more thin coat before moving on to the deck.

Question 1: How long should I wait for the System 3 epoxy to cure before re-coating? Note, it is currently 70-75 degrees here in sunny california.

Question 2: Do I resand it immediately after the NEXT coat? Or do I wait till everything is done and sand before finish goes on?

Question 3: I have a few small spots where there must have been a slight bubble or dry spot (mainly on the keel all the way at the bow) where it is white, not clear like everywhere else. I will be painting. Should I worry about this very much>? I've tried to "pop" the white bubble, but haven't had any luck.