Re: addictive (arc. hawk)

Posted by James Eager on Jun 19, 2006

I brought my recently completed SH 16 to CONNYAK gathering of boat builders this past sat. Jay Babina (Outer Island designer) along with Nick Shade (Night Heron, Petrel etc) and Peter Strand (check out his skin boats)... along with a whole bunch of others. It was nice to meet these guys (though I had previously met Jay on the water)...and to paddle other boats. My general impression, I am very happy with the Shearwater...I think it has a great combination of tracking, turning ability and glide...So my next project may be the shearwater 17...but i will lower the deck a wee bit and use rubber hatches...anyhoo, I do love the way it moves...check out the link, Ithink these gys are seriously addicted.

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