Re: addictive (arc. hawk)

Posted by Matthew Keller on Jun 19, 2006

Once you have complete the project you are in, go on to the next. I make the mistake of looking at too many boats and loose focus on the one I am doing.

My first boat was a CLC Patuxent back in 2000. Now I am building a Point Bennet, which is a larger volume, greenlandish, touring boat. I already have all the forms cut for my Yostworks Sea Ranger also. My wife just rolls her eyes!

The Arctic Hawk is one of the most high performance boats on the market. If I was to build a boat from a kit, it would be that one or a Night Heron. You will find it easy to roll and very fast!

Just finish the one you have going first before you look to the future. Otherwise you may resent you current project.

In Response to: addictive by Kurt Freewald on Aug 20, 2005