Re: Kurt M update:

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 19, 2006

Ah, yesss... The rumors of my becoming yet another casualty at Gettysburg are greatly exaggerated. Dang near thing, though. 'Bout drowned in a sea of tourism, is what happened... it ain't pretty up thataway fer a hapless suthun boy like me, I tell ye.

I was gonna paddle Lake Summersville today, but it's raining. Forecast calls for rain today, sunshine the rest of the week. So since it's nasty, I scared up a public library, now trying to tie up a few loose ends here and there. Sitting here in the middle of West Virginia paying my utility bills back home -- how'd we ever get along before the internet???

Don't really have any good idea when I'll get home yet, havin' too much fun being a hobo. Reckon it'll be in the next couple weeks. If y' ask me late in the day when I'm all wore out and road-frazzled, I'm ready to come home now... but in the mornings, when I'm young and rarin' to go, it'll be a few more weeks yet. So let's say somewhere in between.

Cheers, Kurt

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