Re: CLC weak deckline des

Posted by FrankP on Jun 16, 2006

While I don't doubt that the solution on your website is reasonable, it's far more work than the solution CLC provides. There isn't any reason to suggest CLCs anchors aren't strong enough as all the materials are individually sufficiently strong and there aren't numerous reports of failure of the system to indicate a design flaw.

I would suggest that the brass anchor points shown on your website have the potential for rubbing and/or cutting them under great pressure, because the eyes on the anchors are very thin metal. They certainly look nice, but any metal object on my deck surface is not something I personally find appealing. That's why I used soft padeyes for my deck lines as well as my bungies.


In Response to: CLC weak deckline design? by Adam Bolonsky on Jun 12, 2006


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