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Posted by Brad Shook on Jun 16, 2006

Hey Jamie,

I understand your concern on the deck install. I think that the bulkhead on my 17LT was placed too far back, as there was a gap I had to fill. However, the front deck does not have any flat spots in it due to the deck beam and straps used to keep it tight to the shear clamps during the decking process. Thinking back on my build, I would put your bulkhead in the spot that the plans/instructions indicate, and trim the bulkhead down ever so slightly to fit that location.

Or, you can put the bulkhead where you have it now, and do a "dry run" of the deck install after you have the shear clamps planed. If there's a gap, you can do what Dave said...fill it with a "T" or plywood strips.

For what it's worth, instead of a fillet I used 3" glass tape to bond the fore bulkhead to the deck panel after the deck was installed. But getting my big fat self into that cockpit with the boat tipped upside down was a real challenge!

Good planing to you... Brad

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