Rice Paper Alternative

Posted by Chris J. on Jun 16, 2006

I just applied a couple of crests on my 2 CH16's and the look awesome...I'll include some pictures on launch day in a few weeks. There seems to be a quest out there for rice paper - I could not find any in my area. As an alternative, I used sewing pattern tissue paper which is very thin and has a beige tint to it. I cut out the size I needed from a dress pattern, taped the edges well to a regular sheet of paper and printed the mirrored image through a laser printer - it prints perfect. It also works on an ink jet printer but you have to lower the quality setting as too much ink is not good for the paper - I recommend using a laser printer for finer results with detailed images. My image included a loon on one boat and an Inuit kayak print on the other. I wetted out the piece with unthickened epoxy after the final sanding on the deck and smoothed it out with a squeegie. It wets out perfectly clear under any light. I think I'll also squeegie on a thin coat over the entire boat before a final sanding and varnish. Hope this helps out others who have a hard time finding the elusive rice paper! Chris.