Re: Sport Tandem Stabilit

Posted by Bill B on Jun 15, 2006

The biggest waves I've been in with the ST is about 2' harbour chop with about 15-20knt wind. I was with an experienced white-water paddler & we had no problems- apart from a rudder control line coming undone. Had another paddle with a paddling partner, (we used to train in K1s in the mornings) & the paddler in the back couldn't rotate fully when we cranked up the pace, without hitting the front paddler. Rudder wise - I used a locally manufactured rudder designed for a single. It is fine for my original purpose, but would be limiting surfing in a big following sea. I also set it up for dual controls ie eithe rthe bow or the stern paddler can be set up to steer. The other item I'd change next time, is to make the deck deeper over the knee area.

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