Re: Oar Collars

Posted by CLC on Jun 15, 2006

The raised "collars" are esoterically known as "buttons."

The buttons shouldn't be used as a detente for fixing the oar length against the oarlock. In fact, they should be well clear of the oarlock in use. Keeping the fulcrum of the oars at a fixed spot on the oarlocks without the need for a stop of some sort is an important skill to develop outside of sliding seat boats. Observing from ashore, I note that you tend to really windmill your oars, plunging the blades deep, and this will make the oars slide outboard against the stops. Practicing a gentle, flat stroke will cure this.

I wouldn't want to make the buttons any bigger, as you couldn't get the oarlocks off if you wanted to. (That's why they are that diameter: just larger than the oarlocks.) They're sufficiently big to keep the oars from sliding out of the locks if you let the oars go to rest for a moment.

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