Shwtr 17 deck form plcmnt

Posted by Bob Lippold on Jun 15, 2006

I'm putting in the deck forms in and am confused about the placement of the 4 deck forms for the cockpit apron. These are forms #8, 9, 10 & 10.5 which are joined with the notches of the "cockpit form". Due to the 2" length of cockpit form that is aft of form #10.5 there is necessarily a 2" space between the aft bulkhead and form #10.5 which places the aft end of the cockpit apron about even with that bulkhead. If you look at the picture in the website gallery section 3 of the deck construction detail for the Shearwater, it shows the aft end of the cockpit form about 2" aft of the bulkhead. This would be impossible unless about 2" of that cockpit was cut off allowing form #10.5 to be within 1/4" of the bulkhead. It would also bring all the 4 cockpit forms toward the aft more which also makes all those forms fit in the boat correctly without having to "buildup" a support to allow for the space I now have between the sides of the boat and those 4 forms. In addition it would make the alignment of the cockpit apron and the strips correct. The way it is now the cockpit form is about 1/2 above the aft bulkhead and 1/2" too high toward the bow to be even with the strips. Has anyone else had the problem and how did you solve it.? I assume now I should cut off about 2" of the aft end of the cockpit form to be able to move the four cockpit deck forms aft.


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