Re: Sport Tandem Stabilit

Posted by Bill B on Jun 14, 2006

Tony, if your mother is only happy in a single in light conditions, then she won't be happy in a ST. They are better for those with some experience. They appear stable when padded solo but are completely different with two adults onboard, I have used mine with a range of people, with an experienced paddler on Wellington Harbour its great, When I have my two young daughters on, you can feel the fighting of balance. But with only one of them in the back it is great. And then my wife thinks it is too unstable for her, even though she is happy in a single. Try hiring an adventureracing double from Fergs for a day as a comparasion, or if your up Tauranga way, you can try mine.

In Response to: Sport Tandem Stability by Tony Calvert on Jun 12, 2006