Re: Swirl marks

Posted by J.Schott on Jun 14, 2006

By varnishing anything less than 220, you really make it hard on yourself to get a good finish. My advice would be to apply a thin layer of epoxy to the deck and sand that with 220, then varnish. What will happen if you attempt to fill the swirls with varnish is that a few months later the swirls will reappear as the epoxy and varnish shrink. Ever see a car that you can see the sand scratches under the paint? Chances are that it looked great right after it was done but as time passed the scratches reappeared due to the finish shrinking. Varnish does a very poor job of filing scratches. However, it does a great job of highlighting them. It's a lot less work to prep properly now than it is to refinish later when you wish you had done it initially.-Joey

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