Posted by Kev Robinson on Jun 14, 2006

Hi, (photo's attached via link)

Just finished building our Chesapeake 16LT and 17LT (thanks for all your useful advice). I've used the same hatch covers as per the kit and straps to hold them down. I thought this method looked a bit iffy and when fitted the straps found that it was. I found it very hard to get enough pressure to hold the hatches down, especially the stern hatch. I spoke the kit supplier in the UK and he assured me that the straps will eventually hold the hatches down sealed but I'm dubious about this. I decided to use some dowels under the straps to put pressure on the hatch edges (see photo's on link below also attached some photo's of our first trip to Gower South Wales) this worked OK even after a number of passes through the surf. I'm thinking of maybe varnishing the dowels then slotting them to attach them to the straps permanently to make sure that the hatches are secure and watertight. Anyone got a better solution to the problem. The boats were excellent other than this, very stable and tracked very well even straight into a force 5/6 wind.


Kev (from over the water