tow/rescue considerations

Posted by LeeG on Jun 12, 2006

Deck rigging and hatch closure mechanisms do affect rescue situations but I see no problem anchoring through 1" webbing and screws into sheerclamps or into decks screws with adequate under deck reinforcement/fender washers.

I'd rather attach stuff with webbing through one 3/16" hole for a 10/24 ss screw with 1/2" fender washer than go thorugh all the effort of recessed rigging. I see more of a problem with too thin of perimeter line (4mm is too thin to my hands), too sharp of a bow/sheer/inside coaming edge on a s&g kayak.

My personal beef is the rigging on the Perception/Confluence Sea Lion/Eclipse where the rudder rigging is still routed through sharp electrical cable clamps, it's one big 1/4" skin scoop.

Fastek buckles can have problems in some situations, a heavy person can break them if the hatch strap becomes a handhold.

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