Posted by CLC on Jun 12, 2006

I would strenuously argue with the suggestion that 1" webbing held in with #10 x 1" screws is inadequate for towing or a self-rescue or assisted rescue.

Further, I challenge anyone to come to our showroom, take hold of the rescue lines on one of our boats, and try to rip them out of the boat. I won't be held responsible for the resulting injury to your hands, and I seriously doubt your could tear out a #10 x 1" screw. As for the webbing and line we stock, they have breaking strengths of several hundred pounds. In twelve years with CLC I've had zero reports of deck rigging tearing out under the conditions Adam envisions.

The rigging schemes we suggest are tested, easy to install, soft on bodies in wet-reentries, and appropriate to the engineering of our hulls. There are 200,000 other ways to attach decklines and hardware and you are welcome to try them but the systems we suggest are excellent solutions.

In Response to: CLC weak deckline design? by Adam Bolonsky on Jun 12, 2006


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