Re: Okumefest Day 2

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 11, 2006


Congratulations on the boat! It looks really nice. It also looks like that lake and boat are a perfect match for each other and that the proud papa is doing well. Do bring it down next year and let it taste some salt in its water. When are you starting the next boat? :-)

There were several launches at Okoumefest yesterday, a Skerry and I think 2 kayaks whose model I didn't catch. Unfortunately, I didn't know who was launching for the first time, so I wasn't able to get pictures to post. Maybe the owners will put some pictures up.

The reason that your picture didn't show up on your first post is that the instructions I gave earlier only work if the picture has a permanent URL which points directly to the picture. The forum software simply follows the URL, picks up the picture and inserts it into your post.

The free photo storage services pretty much all keep your pictures somewhere that's not directly accessible from the net. Instead, they give you a webpage that's used to fetch and display the picture for you. The webpage is temporary. It is created for you when you go to look at the picture, but as soon as you leave, it's destroyed. This is so that the photo service won't have to pay for storage for a kazillion web pages. It's good for them (and you if it's a free service), but the result is that the link you paste into the "Optional Image URL" field disappears as soon as you close your web page on the photo server, so your post ends up with no picture to display. In that case, what you did with the second post (putting the web page URL into the "Optional Link URL" field) is exactly the way to go.

For this reply I lifted your picture and put a copy of it onto my personal web server, so it has a direct, non-disappearing link. Now you can compare the 2 different storage/posting methods with your own picture.

Congratulations again on your launch.


Glad to hear your dog is doing well, hope the recovery is quick and complete. I'm sure Kurt will have some great Texas transplants. I think he's planning to describe Galveston Bay, just substituting "Chesapeake" for "Galveston". Since we're on the Western Shore instead of the Eastern Shore, I think he'll be safe from the squirrel misidentification - unless I give hime a hint :-)

Well, it's off to the last day of Okoumefest 2006. The weather forecast is for mostly sunny, 75 and wind only 13 mph, so maybe I can get that Skerry out for a spin. More pictures tonight.


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