fiberglassing the hull

Posted by Bob Lippold on Jun 10, 2006

I'm part way thru building my first kayak- the shearwater 17 hybrid. I just finished putting all three layers of fiberglass on the bottom of the hull and put the first coat of epoxy over it last night. I'm sure the guys at CLC told me to then put 2 more coats of epoxy down. The manual, however, doesn't say anything about putting on a 2nd or 3rd coat of epoxy at this time. Since CLC isn't answering their phones this morning (maybe out kayaking), I'm looking for some expert feedback today if possible so I can procede correctly. What I did was sand down some of the bumpy areas especially where the edges of the 2nd 2 fiberglass layers "threaded off". I then put on a 2nd coat of epoxy. The guys at CLC said the next coats of epoxy will mask out those loose threads even without sanding, however, even though I sanded them down a little (not fully- I didn't want to sand thru any fiberglass), those raised areas are still quite obvious. Should I sand them down again and put on the 3rd coat of epoxy after this second coat cures? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob