Re: John H among others

Posted by don foote on Jun 9, 2006

Pete, It's eerie how are projects are moving in parallel... I just finished setting up my jig for the aka's and I'm getting ready to dive in.

Based upon a clamping block (the mold) width of 2 1/2 inches (as per plans) and an aka width of a couple inches, you would have to at least you a large clamp initially to bring the wood strips into contact with the clamp station (again, according to the plans, some of the curves will require pulling the strips in more than 4 inches) before switching over to a smaller (cheaper) clamp to hold the aka (wood strips) in place against the mold or clamp station. This smaller clamp would still have to have an opening of around 6 inches to fit over both the width of the mold and the aka. If you were desperate, stingy, and or simply clever, and all you had was smaller clamps, I suppose you could router or cut some clamping grooves into the middle of the mold to reduce the width iof the clamping block at the point where the clamp comes into contact with it. Picture the clamping block going from a square shape to more of a "U" shape with the open end of the U pointing AWWAY from the aka and the aka being pushed against the bottom of the U. This would, theoeretically, retain the stability of the clamping blocks width while reducing the need for as large of a clamp...or am I just way off base here? :)

I'll let you know how it turns out after a little test on my end.


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